Comparing a couple of MySQL > MS SQL Server migrators

I have a mediumish sized MySQL database that needs porting to MS SQL Server 2005. The easiest thing to do I thought was check out the many migrator/converter apps there are out there. As they were fairly cheap at around $100 or so, I bought a couple: one from Intelligent Converters and the other from Spectral Core. The MySQL db is about 1GB so not that big, and hardware is a dual Xeon proc machine with 6GB RAM running 64bit Windows 2003 Server.

Tried the one from Intelligent Converters first – it went through the kind of screens you’d expect – pick a source, pick a destination, pick the tables you want to convert and then go. As this one started chugging through it displayed how many rows of which table it had managed to migrate. After 5 mins it was clear that it was going to take some time. Two days later, it had given up after migrating perhaps half the database.

So then the Spectral Core product. This was slightly more expensive, went for the enterprise version that made use of bulk copy so that we’d get better transfer speed. Very similar interface/process – then hit go. 2 mins and 15 seconds later, the entire database was copied perfectly. Happy with that.

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