End-user performance monitoring

Gomez is cool. We’ve been using their “Actual XF” service for a while now – a service which lets us report on how long it takes for the user to see our webpages appear in their browser after they’ve clicked a link to get there.

You can do reporting to different levels depending on whether you want to measure the total response time, the perceived render time etc. Because the data comes from every single visit to your website from real website visitors (rather than an automated datacenter-based script) we get ‘real’ data on performance. Unfortunately they only keep data for 33 days, I’m working on them to increase that 🙂

Here’s a chart that shows the performance of our product pages over the last couple of weeks, segmented by region:

Produce page end-user performance monitoring

The good thing here is that each datapoint is the aggregate of all page visits during that time period, not just a single request from a monitoring station. I know now that this is what our end-users experience – a constant source of debate when management are experiencing (or told about) something different to what you are reporting…


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