Google Analytics feature request…

For a free package, you cannot beat Google Analytics. But now surely we are getting to the point where the clever engineers behind the scenes are building a list of new features that will be bundled into a ‘premium’ package, where a subscription fee will be levied.

Personally, I would be over the moon if this were to happen, because then we would be able to request features with more of an expectation that they will take them seriously (not that they don’t now, it’s just that if we paid for it then they would have to take us even *more* seriously).

One of the good things about GA is that they keep your analytics data for a very long time. We’ve had our account with them since 2006, and being able to go back that far to analyse traffic and behaviour is very powerful. Sometimes though, it would be nice to be able to delete or ignore some data – for instance one particular institute in Tempe, US, decided to build a bot that executes javascript and then crawl all over our site. For the most part, we can happily use GA in the knowledge that most spiders don’t execute javascript, but this javascript-executing-bot now appears in my GA data (as GA data-collection is javascript driven).

So I’ve got this nasty spike of data that I’d just like to be able to select, then hit the ‘ignore forever’ button.

Annoying bot

I guess, that when Google do decide to tap into the thousands of organisations that really want more features and are happy to pay a premium, this would be one of the many features I’d ask for… as well as more Goals, better page-flow analysis, page-rendering-time data, more than one custom dimension, the ability to break out traffic from Google across the country-specific domains, etc etc etc… 🙂

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