Premium version of Google Analytics

Before you get excited, no, there isn’t a premium version of Google Analytics yet.

Edit (29/09/11): They released it yesterday: and according to a couple of sources, it’s going to cost about $150k per year. 

But I sincerely hope that they are working on one – I’ve mentioned before that it’ll be great news if Google release a version of Google Analytics that you have to pay for.

So here I’m beginning to compile a list of the things that I come across every day that I wish is in Google Analytics, and would be happy to pay for:

In no particular order…

  • Advanced Segmentation: I would love for AS to be enabled for Goal Funnels…
  • “This report is based on sampled data.  Learn more.”  I would really like to not see this message.  It means that the numbers I’m looking at are not the real numbers.  Even if it took a little longer for the report to run, I’d like the ability to see the complete picture and not their “sampled data”.
  • Data backup.   One day it might happen – someone with administrator access on my account accidentally (or maliciously – eek!) deletes my GA account.  Disaster!!!
  • Retrospective filters.  You apply a filter and it acts on your data retrospectively Implemented with Advanced Segmentation.  Thanks!
  • Multiple dimensions.  At the moment you can set a ‘user defined’ variable, but you cannot add several custom dimensions that you can use to slice and dice your data
  • Annotation.  Like the charts you see on Google Finance or Google Trends, I’d like to be able to annotate my charts with significant events that I know of that might explain certain trends etc.  Done!
  • More AdWords integration.  Sometimes there are campaigns and AdGroups that you see in analytics that confuse you – which ad is that again?  To be able to click through to see the ad text and other details would be nice
  • On charts overlay profiles (or segments as they might be called) – so if you have multiple profiles set up for a single website with each profile having a different filter applied (you might have one that shows organic search only and another with paid search only), I’d like to be able to take any chart and add data to it from another profile.  So you’d get a data series for each profile you added. Implemented with Advanced Segmentation
  • Related to the previous one – it would help enormously if you could duplicate a profile from an existing profile – that way you don’t have to set up your goals etc all over again… Implemented with Advanced Segmentation
  • Ecommerce transactions.  These are a must for any website that sells stuff online.  When you look at a particular report, you can click the Ecommerce tab and see the revenue associated with that referral source, or region etc.  It even tells you the number of transactions that are associated with that record.  What I’d *love* to be able to do is then click on the ‘transactions’ value, to arrive at the list of those transactions so I can identify the products purchased.  I will then be able to quickly ask the question: “what do people that come from X tend to buy the most”.  Instead what I have to do now is set up an Advanced Segment constraining the report by X in order to see what the transactions were, and whilst this works, it is a very time-consuming process.

6 Responses to Premium version of Google Analytics

  1. François says:

    ‘Annotation’ has been done!

  2. Hey Ed,

    Looks like you are an Internet prophet. There is now a Google Analytics Premium available…learn more at

    Now the question is…are you okay with the price tag? We think there is tons of value for the right companies. It clearly isn’t for small business.

    Let us know your reaction and comments.


    • edralph says:

      Wow. I might have thought a paid version was inevitable, and I’ve been budgeting for it ever since I wrote the post. But did I budget $150k pa? Not on your nelly. Looks like my company, at $1bn market cap, is too small…

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