Website usability roadmap…

I found a great 3rd party app the other day that collects user feedback.  It’s called UserVoice and like other 3rd party feedback gatherers, you add it to your website by adding a few lines of javascript code.  Easy.  The great thing about this feedback tool is that your visitors get something out of it as well, as soon as they hit your ‘feedback’ button.

This is what you see:

This is what you see when you click the feedback button

This is what you see when you click the feedback button

A visitor will have pressed the feedback button because they have something on their mind.   What I like about this is that the first thing they see is what is on the mind of all the other people that have submitted feedback. A list, prioritised by a simple voting system, shows the visitor what the biggest gripes are.

If you see your own gripe there, then vote for it.  If not, lodge your feedback and it’ll be there for others to vote on when they leave their feedback.

The next nice thing about it is that if the website developers/owners decide to implement an idea that someone has left, they can indicate that the work is planned, in progress or even completed.  Instant feedback to the visitor – letting them know that yes, something is being done about it – great – we’re being listened to.

So – it provides you with great information that helps you create a development roadmap for your website – ever wondered what shall we do next to our website? Well you’ll get tons of inspiration from this.

Finally, a small word of warning, although your website should cater for the needs of your visitors – make sure that it is the segment of visitors that you want to appeal to that you are developing for.  It won’t always be possible to cater for everybody – this is where your judgement comes in and your knowledge of the goals of your website.


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