SEOmoz community is a great source of information

It’s a great idea. An SEO company can only really scale by adding more people and training them to be good at SEO. Sure, by building systems to assist SEO they can scale further, train faster and deliver sooner but the business is still constrained by people.

The great idea is what SEOmoz have done.

SEOmoz are a company based in Seattle – something that doesn’t matter a jot to me (here in the UK) because I’ll probably never meet these guys or even talk to them on the phone. But they’ll help me enormously SEO-wise because they have a great little add-on to their business – the SEOmoz community. They dish out hints and tips as if they don’t even want any paid business. But of course they don’t worry about that because they can’t hope to satisfy the worlds demand for SEO in an industry that relies on consultants talking to customers. So they do the premium content thing. SEO is a black art stuffed with secrets and for a bargain $49 per month you can gain access to these mysteries. You also get to ask the staff questions *and* you get sensible answers.

They’ve released a bunch of great SEO tools for the general public and hold a few back for the premium members. All the freebies they give out reassure you that they know what they are talking about, and the sheer number of community members (>30,000) tells you they must be doing something right. So when they tease you with the ‘premium membership’ link, you wonder what is there and because you understand the importance of search, you’ll take it.

(I don’t work for them, and they haven’t paid me to write this!)